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Letizia: a special mission

A medical non-profit organization, volunteering in Ukraine is asking for our help. Due to the war more than 3.000 civilians, including children, have lost their legs.

Isinnova has developed Letizia, an emergency support, affordable and suitable for any amputation. Letizia aims to give war-maimed back the possibility to perform simple daily activities we often take for granted.

A prosthesis today costs more than 5,000 €. ISINNOVA managed to develop a support within 500€.

After further development and thanks to the feedbacks received from the initial prototypes, ISINNOVA bettered the first version of the leg with a small increase in its price.

The new version comes with a silicone support for the amputated limb.

HELP US to be once again innovators in the midst of the crisis

Contact us, every contribution will take us a small step closer to our goal.

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Thanks to its modularity Letizia can be adapted to any amputation: 

  • transfemoral
  • knee disarticulation 
  • transtibial
  • foot amputation

Through 3D printing it is possible to customize the design.  By covering the artificial limb with a specialized shell, it is possible to improve the aesthetic appearance, ensure the optimal hygienic condition and the integrity of the components. Moreover, it can increase the fit for the patient, making the acceptance easier.

Depending on the level of the amputation, you just have  to download the file and stop the printing when the desired height is reached. 

It will be possible to choose from this models:

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